Realising optimal business housing solutions-

Integral solutions for optimal operating processes

We are an experienced construction company; resourceful and imaginative, and highly specialised in commercial premises for businesses and property developers. We are a construction company that understands that the user’s main priority will always be continuity of the operating process. As a realisation partner, Sprangers ILDC even takes this a step further: we will work with you to translate your business case and investment challenges into an optimal operating process to find the best possible construction solution with the greatest added value.

We specialise in distribution hubs, cold-storage and freezing facilities, industrial complexes, research centres, and other commercial structures for logistics and manufacturing. Sprangers ILDC services both Dutch and international clients.

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Tom Horstink, Director Sprangers ILDC

Tom Horstink

Director ILDC

An enterprising team of experienced specialists

We offer our clients a comprehensive approach to any issue, whether that be as consultants, project managers, turn-key contractors or delegated developers. By leveraging our knowledge, experience, creativity and our large network, we will always find the right partner for the right job, allowing us to implement solutions that are perfect both in the short and in the long term.

Sprangers ILDC has many years of experience implementing new developments and refurbishing existing properties. But our expertise also encompasses company relocation projects, site decontamination and sanitation efforts, and the redevelopment of premises that are not realising their full potential. We can also assist our clients in purchasing the perfect location and assume the entire organisation of planning procedures, permit applications, and utility connections. All our designs incorporate the ideals of sustainability and functionality. During the engineering and realisation process, we constantly take the integration of client-specific facilities into account, such as logistics systems (material handling equipment) and assembly and manufacturing lines. From the first initiative to final commissioning: with our design & construct approach, Sprangers ILDC offers you a single project liaison and a fully integrated project!

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